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Sensori is the designer to a varied equipment line to efficiently create multisensory rooms. Product manufacture is fully aligned to the needs of therapies and patients. Click on your right and learn more about our complete product line:

Cultural Partners: Plant LOVE and harvest GOOD

Sixth sense by Rafa Mattos

The human body is a multisensory machine with five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. Combined, they give meaning to everything surrounding us. They are doors that make us who we are. However, inside of us, deep down inside. More in the destiny then in the path, lies a sixth sense, essential, but forgotten: emotion. Emotion gives meaning and feeling, the link biding and justifying our sensory perceptions. Emotion eternalizes an experience, and it turns it into a part of us, it transforms it into background. A background that will transform into bonding and resides in a special place we keep the things we love. The emotion we desire, seek and promote is born out of LOVE.

Sensori by Rafa Mattos

“It is love that gives meaning to what we feel”